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When Renting Ice and Snow Removal Equipment Makes Sense

Time: 2020-09-16

When Renting Ice and Snow Removal Equipment Makes Sense

Twelve tips to help determine whether purchasing or renting that piece of specialty equipment makes the most business sense this winter.

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For months, our nation has contended with the coronavirus pandemic. The necessary precautions to fight off this health crisis has, unfortunately, contributed to an economic crisis, as many businesses have had to close their doors. 


With so much economic uncertainty, the benefits of renting heavy equipment will make rentals a preferred choice for many municipal governments, professional snow and ice management contractors, and many other trade professionals.

To help consumers make the best decisions when renting, here are tips to guide you when you rent equipment for this snow season.

Understand the Project

·  What project do you want to complete? 

·  If you lack a specific piece of equipment, could any of your other machinery (safely) get the job done?

·  If your current inventory is not capable, what equipment could complete the task?

·  Does the rental dealer have suggestions for which machine could work for the project?

              Know the Usage Rate

·  Typically, equipment should be in use 60-70% of the time to be worth the purchase price. 

·  How often do you plan to use a piece of equipment?

·  If it’s more, you may want to buy; if it’s less, renting could be the solution. 

·  Knowing the exact amount of time you need a machine can help you determine how long you should rent a piece of  equipment in order to avoid any late fees.

Consider the Economy

·  You may think you’ll use a piece of equipment a lot, based on the current projects you’ve been contracted for, but if the economy is in a bad spot there’s a greater likelihood that the jobs may dry up.

·  Renting during economic uncertainty saves you from sinking money into an expensive machine that may end up sitting on the lot more than you first expected.


              Check Availability

·  What rental businesses are available to you?

·  There are online marketplaces that connect you with dealers across the country and smaller local dealerships that you may contact directly. 

·  You’ll need to know which outlets are available to you and what specific equipment those dealers offer. 

·  If finding and acquiring a niche rental machine proves to be a continued hassle, buying may be worth  the headache it would save.

Ensure Quality: Inspect the Machine

 ·  Be sure to examine the machine at every level, including mechanical, hydraulic, wheels and structural components.


              Understanding the Equipment

·  You will also need to understand how the equipment has been used and cared for in the past. 

·  Ask for the equipment’s maintenance schedule, and possibly repair records, to ensure that you’re getting a machine that is well cared-for. 

·  Finally, make sure the machine has been properly certified for use.

·  Uncertified equipment may not only be of poor quality, it may also be unsafe and even illegal to use!!

Research the Manufacturer and the Dealer

·  Knowing a rental dealer has a good reputation can give you greater confidence in renting equipment from the dealership, so take steps to research the dealer. 

·  Ask around, look them up online, conduct a business background check, and confirm their ownership of the equipment. 

·  Being able to rely on the dealer is an important consideration when renting equipment.

              Study the Contract

·  What is the full cost to rent? 

·  Does that include insurance for damages or theft, transportation fees, or fuel surcharges? 

·   How long do you get the machine for?

·   How do you acquire and return the equipment? 

·  Are there late fees? 

·  Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? 

·  What are the billing policies? 

·  Who is permitted to use the rented equipment? 

·  Understand liability issues on use of the equipment. 

·  Having answers to each of the contractual questions helps you fully understand the costs and risks you incur when renting the machine.

Look at Long-Term Rates

·  See if long-term rentals provide any discount, since you are guaranteeing the dealer business for a prolonged amount of time. 

·  Long-term rentals can be good for you too, because they ensure you’ll have the equipment when you need it while still  helping you avoid the full cost of purchase and ownership.


              Rent-to-Own Equipment

·  A number of companies and dealers offer a rent-to-own option. 

·  In this option, at the end of the rental period you can simply return the equipment and pay all of the rental charges. 

·  However, if you decide you like the equipment and want to buy it, and the company offers to apply some or all of you rental payments to reduce the purchase price.

                           ·  You can then buy the equipment outright for the amount of the purchase price less the rental payments.


    Understand Training Requirements

     ·  Be sure you know how to properly use a piece of machinery. 

       ·  Misusing equipment can be very unsafe and non-contractual use can make you liable for damages.

       ·  Research how to use a machine and ask the dealer if they provide any use and safety training.

              Obtain Contact Informatio

                           ·  If there is a problem with a rental machine, who do you contact? 

·  What back-up options will the dealer provide? 

·  What are their hours of operation and what is their response time?

·  Is there a customer service or helpline to call? 

·  Do you call the dealer directly? Knowing how to get in touch with the dealer, especially if there is an emergency situation with the rental, can keep you from falling behind on projects and potentially losing business and profits.

Snow Lion and its dealers offer Snow Lion equipment on a straight rental agreement. Snow Lion also offers a Rent-to-Own option. In our Rent-to-Own option, 100% of all of your rental payments go toward the purchase price.

If you are interested in renting Snow Lion equipment please contact us as follows:

In the US:

Snow Lion, Inc.

PO Box 10815

Reno, NV 89502

Phone: (775) 502-3500


In Canada:

Insta-Mix, Inc.

10685 Boul Henri-Bourassa E.

Montreal, Quebec H1C 1G7

Phone: (514) 643-4649



Insta-Mix, Inc.

250 Malloy St.

Maple, ON L6A 1R9

Phone: (905) 807-1649


When Renting Ice and Snow Removal Equipment Makes Sense
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Phone: 775-303-5188


Address: P.O. Box 10815, Reno, NV, 89510

Opening hours

MON - FRI:  7am - 10pm
SATURDAY:   8am - 10pm
SUNDAY:   8am - 11pm