Revolutionary Ice-Breaking &
Snow-Removal Systems

The Snow Lion series is the most innovative and progressive solution to ice and snow removal; our answer to the world’s need for advanced road security and safety.


Innovative and progressive solution to ice and snow removal

Snow Lion is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures ice-breaking and snow-removal equipment focusing on solutions for cleaning up solid ice and severely compressed snow. This is particularly challenging in extremely cold, high elevation areas. Snow Lion's exclusive ice breaking and snow-removal techniques are touted as advanced core technology, and its products are labeled as national emergency rescue products. Our employees, and our products, serve as protectors of people in challenging and dangerous situations.

Why Snow Lion?

Over thirty individual products
To date, the Company has designed and implemented over thirty individual products, including twenty national inventions as well as new practical patents.
We offer revolutionary products grown from a desire to be efficient in necessary processes. Snow Lion has received both foreign and domestic praise for its answer to the world’s need for advanced road security and safety.
Global Recognition
The company is now actively developing collaborations with Russia, areas of North America, and Central Asia, and aims to improve access to tools for winter road maintenance around the world. 
  • ZERO impact on the environment
  • ZERO impact on infrastructure
  • ZERO impact on personal property
  • 85% more effective than traditional methods of eliminating ice and snow pack
  • Operable in all temperatures, climates, and conditions.
  • Drops chain controls much faster than any other method on the market.
  • Works on all hard surfaces.
  • Contours the road completely…even over bridge joints!

A cost savings of 85-to-1, when compared to traditional methods.

Featured Products

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